jachty żaglowe w przystani
Section Sailing yachts Mazury describes the most popular sailing yachts for rent in Masuria. We focus here on cabin yachts.

Antila 27

Antila 27 is a yacht manufactured since 2011, and therefore relatively young construction. For sailors this means modern exterior, but also comfortable and spacious interiors that make the yacht willing to rent and buy, and new units are still produced, and in the charter companies you will find units manufactured in 2017.

Nautical properties Antila 27

The attractive and dynamic silhouette of the yacht has been combined with increased transverse stability. This made it possible to increase the surface of sails and speed. This not only allows for a sense of security in more difficult conditions, but also visually presents itself slightly. Improving maneuverability and achieving high speeds are the result of a special hull shape design. Sailing with this yacht is a pure sailing pleasure.
Height of the mast: 10m
Sailboat: 38m2
Minimal dipping: 39cm
Length of the yacht: 8,85m
Yacht width: 2.98m

Antila 27 – for whom it is recommended

The ergonomic shape of the deck and elaborate details show discreet elegance. At the same time, the interior of the yacht, thanks to its 1.86m elevation, is spacious and makes even the multi-person crew and high-class people feel comfortable here. This has ensured the privacy of passengers thanks to two lockable cabins.
However, it should be borne in mind that individual units of this model may differ significantly in equipment, which affects the price of the charter depending on the standard of the yacht.
This yacht is in continuous production, so new yachts sailors may find models this year.
Number of berths: 6-8 (2 lockable cabins)
Height in cabin 1.86cm
Licence: yacht mariner

Tango 780 Sport

Tango 780 Sport version is the most popular sailing boat in Poland in terms of inland waterways. In its offer it is almost every shipowner proposing yachts to borrow, and in the category Sailing yachts Mazury is undoubted winner. So let’s get to know the short description of this yacht:

Nautical Properties Tango 780 Sport

Tango 780 Sport’s main advantage is its versatility and excellent nautical properties coupled with the convenience of sailing. The design of the unit – Andrzej Skrzat – in this boat made maneuverability and speed, while retaining high stability, which gives the impression of security and control over the unit even at a sharp rate. Let’s add a little dip, and a boat will be created that will delight many sailors.
Mast height: 9m / 10m after 2007r
Sink: 28m2
Minimum dipping: 30cm / 35cm after 2007
Length of the yacht: 7.8m
Yacht width: 2.8m

Tango 780 Sport – for whom it is recommended

Most of the available in the Tango 780S charter is for 6 people. The extensive cockpit makes it home to six adults. However, if you value the comfort of sailing and relaxation (especially if you are planning a trip a few days), it is better not to exceed 4 adults. Also keep in mind that the cabin is open and therefore may lack privacy.
Because of the small draft, the boat gives the boat a stern moor almost to the shore, which will appeal to the “wild” nature who plan to stop at the wild shore.
However, it must be taken into consideration that the yacht has undergone only one major design change since its inception – in 2007 and although the interior has become more spacious, let’s not expect this modern yacht. Fortunately, the lack of super gadgets are compensated by the robustness of the design and thoughtful construction. Let’s also say that from the proposed yachts, this position is most affordable.
Number of berths: 6 (4 + 2)
Height in the cabin 1.65cm
Licence: yacht mariner

Tango 780 Sport and Tango 780 Family

The main differences between these models are:
Construction of the stern – Sport version has an open stern, while Family is a stern closed
Sail area – Sport version has a higher mast and therefore larger sail area. This is why it is possible to achieve larger – regatta – parameters.
The nature of the yacht – although both models are classed as a tourist class, it is believed that the Tango 780 Sport is a tourist-class yacht, which justifies its more aggressive nautical character. Family version, famous for its safety, provides high stability.

TES 32 Dreamer

TES 32 Dreamer is a beautiful, modern and well-equipped yacht, which is why it is so popular for larger family cruises. Let us now look at the details:

Nautical properties of TES 32 Dreamer

The described yacht is perceived as a safe and reliable unit – probably related to its high torque, which makes the yacht flowing quickly back to the vertical. This means that even less experienced crews feel safe, since no strong ballast is required. Although the minimum draft is greater than the other yachts present, an open cockpit, but also a long bowsprit trap support safe boarding and landing.
Height of the mast: 11,5m
Sailboat: 39m2
Minimal dipping: 46cm
Length of the yacht: 9,69m
Yacht width: 2.95m

TES 32 Dreamer – for whom it is recommended

Also in terms of comfort and usability of this yacht – you can envy the sailors who are tempted to take such a vacation. The cabin is spacious and the rooms are designed functional and comfortable. A large number of lockable cabinets are definitely an asset for longer trips. 3 lockable cabins are also worth appreciating both groups of friends as well as larger families, and the height of 1.85m makes even the shower can be used in quite comfortable conditions. What is the best way to determine who is recommended? For everyone!
Number of berths: 8 (3 lockable cabins)
Height in the cab 1.85cm
Licence: yacht mariner