It’s easy! Booking takes a few moments, it is intuitive and uncomplicated. Prepare a payment card or access data to your online account, because the advance payment that guarantees booking is payable immediately.

First – select a yacht and the dates that you are interested in.

  • You can use our search engine – in the relevant fields, please enter the criteria that will help you select yachts from our database. You will find a list of boats you are interested in in the results.
  • You can choose anything from a wide range of regular offers and last minute deals – click on the offer that interests you, select the date and check the availability of a yacht at a certain time. Our interactive calendar allows you to check the time that interests you and, in case it was occupied, select another date.

Date choice: in high season (July and August) minimum one week – click on any day of the date on which you want to sail, out of season – click on the first and last day of period in which you want to saily.

  • You can use the SPECIAL DEAL option – favorable prices of charters within certain date.
  • Lastly, You can take part in an auction and bid for a charter at a favorable price.

Secondly – after selecting the offer you’re interested in, in the Charter Summary window please click on BOOK and go to the booking form. Enter the basic information about the person making the reservation and select the online payment form (payment details in section How to pay). When you click PAY you can easily and conveniently make payments. Booking confirmed by payment of the advance is binding. 

Thirdly – after the payment you will receive an e-mail confirming your reservation. There you will find all the details of your charter: the booking number, cruise date, identification number, type of yacht and contact to the shipowner. The rest of payment for the charter can be made to the shipowner. He is obliged to send you the charter contract by e-mail. In case of booking cancellation all the circumstances and the conditions for reimbursing the advance payment are specified in the shipowner contract.