What determines the price of the charter?

The charter price depends mainly on the period in which you wish to rent the boat. Some other aspects that affect the price are the yacht’s size, its age and the condition of the equipment. Rates are lowest in April and May, and in September and October. They are highest during Summer holidays, especially during the peak season (in the second half of July and in the first half of August) and on the long weekends. 

I noticed that various owners charge very different rates for the same types of boats – why is that so?

It depends on luck. BOFORT.PL gives you the opportunity to find the best deals – charters at rates much better than regular ones. Moreover, the boats differ in terms of their age, the features, built-in equipment, etc. Some of the yachts are maintained in perfect condition for more sailing comfort, which also affects the price.

How to choose a good charter company, what should I keep in mind when making the choice?

Price is of course an important aspect, but should not be the most important one. A low price usually means equally low quality of the service, condition of the yacht and its equipment.If you want to spend a quiet holiday on the water, select a company that will provide service on the waterway – repairing or replacing the engine or any other elements of the equipment if there are any issues.

Does the charter always last minimum one week?

In season, the vast majority of shipowners charter yachts for a week (weeks), eg. from Saturday to Saturday. However, before and after the season, in the months of May or September, it is easier for You to customize the length of the charter so that it suits your needs .

Which type of boat should I choose?

It depends on several factors. First of all – it depends on the budget you are going to spend on your charter – it is associated with the size of yacht, its class, age and equipment. The second factor is when we are intending to go boating. Early spring and late fall means we should choose a boat equipped with heating. Thirdly – who will be going boating with us. A lockable toilet is appreciated mainly by women, rails and a closed stern will be important when sailing with young children, and a well-equipped and comfortable galley will be significant for those who love cooking. Fourth and finally – what kind of boating style You prefer. If You opt for sport’s style boating, then the best for you will be a fast and agile yacht, requiring much experience and good awareness of the area from the crew. If You prefer a more tourist boating style, then the best pick will be modern yachts with good nautical properties, providing top comfort and safety.

What should I give particularly much attention to when renting a yacht?

First – determine all the details all the details: check (if it is not listed on the site) the price for the entire rental period, the boat reception and return times. Make sure that the motor, fuel, battery, cleaning products are included in the price. Check the insurance policy, deposit amount used to cover potential damage, the size of the gas bottle. Ask about the technical condition and equipment of the yacht and ask where you can park Your car for the duration of the charter.

Second – when receiving the yacht, check the equipment listed in the acceptance report. Look for any possible damages or anything lacking in the equipment and write that in the report. This will help avoid any misunderstandings later on. Some owners specify the price of every single movable item on the boat. This solution also helps avoid misunderstandings, as You know exactly the amount that will be deducted from the deposit if you happen to drop a piece of equipment in the water or damage it otherwise.

What documents will I get from the owner?

Usually this is the second copy of the contract, a copy of the registration and the acceptance report.

What kind of damages are covered by the insurance policies, and what will I have to cover by myself?

It all depends on the insurance company, the type of insurance purchased and the charter contract. Each insurance company has its own contracts and conditions. The cost of repairing minor damages or to remedy any deficiencies in the equipment is covered from the deposit given to the owner at the beginning of the cruise and settled after its conclusion. You will have to pay out of Your own pocket for very serious damages, such as a broken mast or a hole in the hull.

Is the deposit always needed?

Yes. Deposit is a standard element of charter services. The size of the deposit depends on the class of yacht and the quality of equipment – it is essential to establish the amount of the deposit before signing the contract. Minor damages or tears in sails, anchor loss, hull scratches – such damages, where the charterer are to blame, are covered from your deposit.

Is the advance payment always needed?

Yes. The advance payment is a standard element of boat charter services. The size of the advance payment depends on the agreement with the particular shipowner. On average, the amount of the advance is about 30-40% of the total charter price. An advance payment is a binding factor. It gives the shipowner the certainty that the customer will not change their mind at the last minute. It is also important for the customer, because it guarantees that they will start at the intended date. Please bear in mind that any arrangements made concerning booking the boat are not binding in any way until the advance payment is made.

Can I rent a boat if I don’t have any sailing certification?

Theoretically, yes. From January 1st, 2008, sailing a boat that is under 7.5 meters length does not require any certification. In the case of motor boats, a license is not required for engine power below 10kW, approx. 13KM. In practice however, it may be that the owner rents a boat only to people with sailing licenses, due to the safety of the crew and the yacht. To meet the expectations of customers, some companies also allow renting a yacht or a motor boat with a skipper with the necessary certifications and qualifications.

Can I rent a boat, if I have sailing license, but I’m not 18?

A minor can rent a yacht, as according to law they do not have full legal capacity, and therefore can not be a party to the charter agreement. However, they can rent a yacht under the supervision of an adult (eg. parent), who will take responsibility for any damages.

Can I rent a boat in one port and return it in another?

Yes. Usually this is agreed with the shipowner in individual cases. You should know that such a charter is more expensive because this additionally includes the cost of delivering the yacht to the home port, and the possible crew transport to the place where the car is parked.

What should I do when equipment breaks down during the cruise?

Always call the shipowner. Do not attempt to repair the damage alone or use the services of a random repair service point. Nobody will pay you back the money you spent, and additionally you won’t be sure that the repairs have been done well.

What are the mooring fees in ports?

The amount of port fees depends on the decision of the marina owner. This is usually 20-30 euro (80-120 PLN). The price is affected by: time of berth in the port, the boat size, number of people, access to power and water. In some ports, access to sanitation is included in the price of the stay in port. Popular ports are more expensive but offer more facilities for sailors.