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What to pack for departure

The above list certainly does not exhaust the topic of proper packing for the cruise … Ba! This list even goes to good cause does not start. So what to pack? When it comes to packing for a cruise, we take as few things as possible and try to avoid unnecessary things. Things are packed in sailing bags and soft bags so that there is no problem with stuffing them into bakery or lockers. Well if any bag will be waterproof, eventually water around, risk of wetting greater than on land.

So what do we pack? We start with documents (proof, patent, insurance, but also ID cards), then necessary accessories (phone, charger, car charger, power bank), medicines and dressings, we end up on the map of the sea (yes, even in smartphones, gps And the Internet better to be protected).

Then what ever – starting with the head. Firstly, sunglasses, also sunglasses, are worth joining a chain for them, because they like to fall into the water. Since we are on water regardless of the weather, we remember the cap / handkerchiefs. If it’s a departure at the beginning of the season or the end, then a warm cap, neckerchief and gloves may be needed. In sunny weather we always use filter cream.

Clothes must allow us to make maneuvers quickly, so loose, sport pants and sweatshirts will be the best. Of course, a jacket that will protect us from rain and wind, trousers to the set can also be useful. We remember swimming costumes / swimsuits – not for ourselves, let’s do it for others.

Cosmetics – If you plan to use the shower in marinas, then we take the set for everyone, towels are a must.

Keeping the cleanliness on the yacht helps change the shoes specifically designed for the yacht. They do not have to be expensive brand shoes, it’s just a white non-staining soles, but not necessarily slipping.

Last thing – we will sleep on the yacht, so we take our sleeping bag with us.

Anything else? Well, now you are ready to check our subjective list.

Documents needed to rent a yacht

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What to look for when renting a yacht

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